Las Palmas Residence

Palm Springs, CA

About This Project

About Las Palmas Residence

Inspired by the classic mid-century modern architecture of which Palm Springs is known, this home in the Las Palmas neighborhood enjoys panoramic and unobstructed views of Mt. San Jacinto. Stepping volumes of white stucco and minimal detailing define the home’s character and provides a sharp contrast with the lush landscape beyond. Floor to ceiling windows capture the extraordinary views of the mountains to the north and the pool and terraces to the south. Expansive interconnected interior spaces create a dynamic living experience and provide a backdrop for our client’s collection of modern art.

The swimming pool and outdoor terraces are the main focus of this home and are thoroughly integrated with the living spaces, blurring the line between interior and exterior. A dramatic floating palm completes the oasis-like feel of this unique outdoor experience. Projecting overhangs create spaces of refuge from the hot desert sun.

The Team

Interior Design: Homeowner
Landscape Architecture: Environmental Design Studio
Construction: Palm Pacific Construction
Photography: James Butchart

Contemporary, Residential