Mathew Su’euga

Staff Designer
Mathew Su’euga
The intent of architecture should be the particular placement of components creating a pleasing form for the benefit of humanity.
~ Mathew Su’euga

Mathew brings with him over six years of design experience as well as a diverse work history. This includes three years of carpentry and a solid working knowledge of information systems. Most of his project experience has been in residential architecture, custom home design and home additions and alterations. After joining the team at Stuart Silk Architects, he took on the role of the first response for information systems.

Mathew has worked extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest. His work can be found in Idaho, Eastern Washington and Oregon. Mathew earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Idaho and before joining Stuart Silk Architects, he worked for Weber Thompson.

Mathew is adventurous and enjoys being outside, as well as sharing epicurean delights with family & friends.

(206) 728-9500 x102