Lisa Sidlauskas

Senior Associate
Lisa Sidlauskas
Great design is achieved from the discipline of exploration.
~ Lisa Sidlauskas

Lisa Sidlauskas is a licensed architect and Senior Associate at Stuart Silk Architects. She earned her Bachelor of Sciences of Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois. She lived in France for 9 months as part of the Versailles Study Aboard program, studying architecture throughout Europe. In 1998, she moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington Master of Architecture program where she focused on the connections between Architecture and Culture. She participated in the Mexico Design Build Studio of 2000, designing and building a school in a squatter community outside Cuernavaca, Mexico. Lisa’s Master degree thesis was a personal exploration of culture and architecture: the design of a Lithuanian – American Cultural Center in her hometown of Springfield, Illinois. In 2003, Lisa travelled to the Crow Reservation in Montana to build a straw bale community center on the Crow Reservation for the Center Pole Foundation. This was a spectacular experience to learn about the Crow Tribe and their customs.

Lisa has been working at Stuart Silk Architects since 2000. Lisa enjoys the collaboration and personalization of residential design. She has worked on traditional and contemporary projects with a broad range of sizes and budgets.

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